“We must secure the existence of our people and the future for white children”.

The future of our people – our children, their education must be started at an early age.

Most of modern parents are busy at “work”, and they have no time for there children. Parents try to get rid of the annoying child, satisfying his curiosity by a computer game, children live in a virtual reality, detached from the world, buried in there computer or tablet.

This “way out” is a crime against a child, and your old age. Children absorb information like a sponge, copy the model of behavior, and parents are the most significant example and a way for the baby.

Take the kids out to the park for a walk, to the training in a gym, or hiking with friends. The more time the child will be with you, the less will be capricious and inconvenient, as the change of scenery, natural landscapes and new people will not be stressful for him. The base set up by you at an early age will be a reliable support in the further education, and then in his adulthood.

Give a good example to your children, open space the world and conquer with Vandals!

P.S. The three-year child on the photo has captured the water threshold of the third grade. And what you got?