Caucasus. Hiking in Adygeya (01.05.2015-04.05.2015)

The program of a hike on the monitor’s screen seemed ordinary for such kinds of events, only four days far way from city bustle and conveniences of a civilization. There were gathered up to twenty people, who were interested in visiting the region, new to them self’s, marching conditions. For the majority of people it was the first trip, the participants got the idea only from telecasts about travelers. Gathering of Vandals was appointed at the outskirts of Moscow . The tightened and vigorous look, contented faces, sports and military equipment – Vandals were going to the next trip, Adygea was our purpose.

The road of 1600 km took less than one day and we were in the mountainous region in the following morning.  Circled the local meadows along the river, we have chosen a comfortable place for our camp in the silent pine forest at the foot of the mountain. After establishing the camp the group began preparing for rafting down the river Belaya.

What is the rafting on violently raging mountain river –  it is useless to describe  because it needs to be testing. How is it possible to depict those feelings and emotions which are taken in whirlpool? She is ruthless and omnipotent, any of your mistakes, falling down in to ice water can be lethal end, the nature will not ask you if you’re hurt, and no one will  interrupt your duel with clapping on “tatami”. You maneuver between boulders and the stony coast, operating a catamaran, your health, as well as all crew, depends on your ability not to let anybody down.

Water procedures  continued in the first half of the second day, those who were more smarter – rafted several times and even testing the catamaran. Someone liked catamaran more because of the best controllability and higher adrenaline when passing thresholds. But fans of bodybuilding prefer  rafting, work with their hands – that is their strong point.

At that point, the water part had came to the end, and in spite of the preventions  of the Ministry of Emergency Situations’s staff not to go to the mountains – “snow on a belt and dirt knee-deep there”, we  curtailed our camp, began to move forward to a mountain range– where the Gods live.

Not having reached  the serpentine for about couple of kilometers to the place of start of our hiking, the road was blocked by a huge snowdrift. We were walking along a snow path, helping each other to overcome water barriers. Through three kilometers of walk on forest hills, the track abruptly took up. Our group considerably stretched and  divided in to weight categories – giants of 100 kg were at the end of a tail, lightweight and fast people rushed our group to heaven.

Between two rocks, on the small flat platform, it was decided to set up temporary camp. After putting tents,  we looked round and the fatigue was gone at the sight of the beauty. In spite of coming darkness. Everything was clear: tops, slopes, woods at the bottom and the rising fog from the valley. It was coming up to us, gradually absorbing everything  on its way.

Soon, the fog absorbed  us, humidity instantly increased, visibility fall. We had to put on warm clothes, got out backpacks jackets , the night promised to be rigid.  The weather changes instantly in the mountains, and after a couple of hours the fog already descended and  the clear sky was opened for us in the backdrop of majestic mountains, the full moon  was shining, the mystical landscape  saturated with space energy and you begin to understand why ordinary people are so attracted by mountains. Spending the night at the height of 2000 meters  is unforgettable.

The morning turned out to be warm, and we woke up early. After a light breakfast, the Vandals moved on. Several comrades, considering their strength, decided to stay in the camp and they did not go on the final climb, some  people returned at rise, without having reached the top. As a result, the final of a route was reached only by the most resistant people – the technical and physical preparation lacked other comrades.

It seemed to us that there was no difference between 800 m or 800 km. Heavy breath, sluggish hands and “wadded” legs, the  lack of supplies and oxygen that began to be felt considerably at rise, all thes things forced cool guys to learn about themselves a lot of new things while climbing. However the strong shoulder of the companion and the kind encouragement of tired people by  chocolate also  did not give back off on the way to the top.

Just a moment ago we hardly moved our legs and panted, and now an incredible burst of energy and boundless sense of victory, as well as the horizon, which opened from the top. We have done it!!! Clouds were somewhere at our feet, and the endless sky was above us. No matter how many efforts it would demand – it was worth it! There are moments in our life which are kept in mind, – and so, that was one of them. The plans for conquest of other tops already begin to be born in the minds. The mountain had already ascended by a different person.

Triumphal rise was followed by our descent to the camp at the foot of the mountain, then was  farewell banquet, and the way home…

One more hike of Vandals has came to the end. For so short term there is a huge amount of impressions, gigabytes of photos and hours of stories – as it was cool! Coming back to the monitor, you realize how many different ways you can spend your days for example, sitting at a computer or go on an adventure, very clearly you understands the quote: “Sometimes one day, spent by you in other places  gives more than ten years of your life at home.”

Having conquered the rivers and the mountains of the Caucasus, the Vandals are turning their attention to the Altai and Kamchatka. Ahead of the new hiking, but it will be a different story. Each of you can become the participant of this event!

P.S. For the gigabytes photos thanks to the talented photographer and participant of our hike  Alexandra  Burdakova


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