Hiking on mountain Fisht (2868 meters)

Caucasus Mountains,  the Republic of Adygea, southwestern Russia.

On May 27 we were ready for a difficult hike to the shelter under the backpacks Fisht (1600m above sea level). The route lay through two mountain passes Guzeriplsky and Armenian, during hike we were covered by snow, rain and fog. After five hours, we have passed about 11 km and reached the shelter Fischt. The transition was an easy warm-up for tomorrow’s hike. Dinner and overnight on wooden bunks shelter, early lights out and rise at sixth in the morning, that’s the schedule for beginner climbers. At seven in the morning, we started the way on top.

The first 400 meters of the climb went insensibly, we came to the first glacier, after instructions we took an ice pick in our hands and made the first steps on the shaky snow. The glacier, the glacier is dangerous cracks in the snow, we tied with a rope, and continued our way to the top. The steep wall of snow, in which embossing step and using an ice pick to climb the wall at an angle of 80 degrees. This exercise took quite a lot strength, and the amount of adrenaline and lack of oxygen getting even harder. The last 100m along the ridge were given a very hard, legs were cotton, we were tired, and going on the crest of the rocks and ice in some places no more than a meter wide.

The top … on top of the strong wind, from the worship cross sticks out only crown, which means that we have a couple of meters above the official top of 2868 meters above sea level, we were blinded by the bright sun, our fatigue takes the wind, and you’re trying to admire, by the short and vivid sating on the top.

Hiking on top took more than 10 hours, and in the next morning we left the shelter and moved to civilization. Total for two full days tracking took 20 hours, without a good physical condition and quality equipment you will never reach the top.

Climbing on Fisht, was a good warm-up before the big trip to Elbrus, which is for sure take place this summer!