Mont Blanc

The route to Mont Blanc through the Gute shelter is the most popular and reliable. It is the least subject to the vagaries of weather and the least avalanche. According to statistics, the largest percentage of successful ascents was on this route. We offer to go all the way to the top of Mont Blanc (4810 m) in our company.
In our program you will make the necessary number of acclimatization exits, work out the skills of movement in bundles on ice and various forms of mountainous terrain.

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Price: 300 EUR

Price includes:

round trip from Geneva to Chamonix
services of guide – instructor

Price does not include:

Insurance of climbing;
Visa processing;
Accommodation in Chamonix Mont Blanc, campsite or hotel of your choice;
Flight to-Geneva;


1 Day arrival in Geneva. Transfer to Chamonix. Camping or hotel accommodation in Chamonix of your choice. Selection of equipment in the rental Chamonix if necessary.

Day 2 Acclimatization on the Log. Acclimatization hike from Chamonix to Brevent (2525 m). Trekking in sneakers. Return to Chamonix, free time. Checking equipment. Overnight in hotel or camping.

Day 3 Acclimatization on the glacier Mer de Glace. The exit in mountain boots. On this day, you must alpenarena(crampons,ice ax,helmet, harness system). Crossing (railroad) on Mer de Glas, the descent on the via Ferrata (a rocky site, specially designed metal structures for movement) to the glacier. Classes on the technique of movement on snow and ice. Rise to the railway station, return to Chamonix. Overnight at the hotel or camping.

Day 4 in the Morning we sit in the cableway Bellevue (Bellevue) at the station Les Ush, and then the Tram du Mont Blanc in Ni d’egle (2372m), the transition to the glacier Tet Russ (3167), accommodation in a shelter or tents, dinner. The duration of the transition is 3-5 hours.

Day 5 Early rise. The transition from Tete Rousse (3167 m) to the shelter of Gute (3800 m). The movement in the ligaments. We have to gain about 700 meters on simple rocks. Depending on the state of the route, physical and technical training of the group, the duration of the transition is 4-6 hours. Possible acclimatization exit above the shelter (up to a height of 3900 m).

Day 6 climbing Mont Blanc (4810 m). Breakfast at 2: 00. It’s 3:00. Immediately upon leaving the shelter Gute put on cats. The path goes along a wide ridge to the top of the House du Gute, followed by a smooth descent to the saddle Kohl du Dom. Next come to the hut Vallo (4632 m), where usually gather strength before the final, long and tedious rise. Climbing to the top takes about 6 hours. The descent to the refuge De Gute. A short rest and continue the descent to the Tete Rousse and then to eagles nest. Tram to Bellevue or Le Feuillet. Moving to Chamonix. For a group or part of a group that does not have time to go down to the last tram, it is possible to spend the night in the shelter Tet Rus (subject to availability).

Day 7 Spare day / day of rest.

Day 8 Departure from Chamonix to Geneva. The flight home.

What equipment you need?

Outfit :

* Insulated jacket: down jacket
* Membrane jacket
* Membrane pants
• Thermal underware
* Fleece jacket (Polartec)
* Fleece pants (Polartec)
• Jerseys
* Hat (warm, under the helmet)
• Bandana
* Trekking socks (thin, Liner) – 2 pairs
* Trekking socks (thick, Primaloft) – 2 pairs
* Stretch gloves (Liner, from the sun) – 1 pair
* Fleece gloves (Polartec) – 1 pair
* Boots for technical mountaineering (single-layer, with a hard sole)
• Trekking shoes with membrane
• Leggings
* Backpack (50-80 liters)
* Sleeping bag (comfort temperature -5)
* Travel Mat
• Seat
* Thermos (1 liter)
* Trekking poles
• Sunglasses
* Headlamp
* Batteries (spare set)
* Wrist watch (water resistant)
* Sunscreen 50SPF
• Personal medical kit (personal medicines, bandages, plaster, activated carbon, etc.)


Toiletries and bath accessories;
KLMN – Mug, spoon, bowl, knife;
Matches and lighter in the package;
The documents in a sealed package: passport, medical insurance policy;
The instructor will have a group first aid kit with basic medicines.