The Caucasus, reviews and impressions

We offer you the reviews and experiences of participants of the May 2016 hike in the Caucasus.

Alex. Moscow.

It was my first hiking and it is difficult to describe emotions you had during the trip. Just 4 days, but they changed you from inside. Much was said and written about it but you really analyse yourself and return a different person, much better.
On the first day we started rafting without any idea what expected us. It was my first experience, I was in shorts and light jacket but did not feel cold water. I focused on rowing trying to complete all orders of instructor. Each person is responsible for successful rafting, it puts everyone together.
Climbing is one more test. People help each other, the atmosphere is warm, you will be waited if you fall behind.
It was getting dark quickly and we set the camp at Oshten mountain. There was an interesting episode. I am very fussy but after a long walk you will eat everything and it will be the best food. You should go there yourself to feel all emotions. Those who were first on the top welcomed others and finally we took a common photo. The aim was reached, it was time to return to our routine world of office work.
If you wish to travel, climb up, raft you should not wait! Do not  wait for friends, suitable moment, just start pa king your rucksack and start off. Or just watch nice pictures in the net. Think well about your leisure. I planned to spend money on a musical festival but I changed my mind,as I got addicted to the trips. Looking forward to the new Vandals trip announcement!

Alexander. Vologda.

Thanks to Vandals project I realised my best dream to visit mountains, to raft and climb up the top. Imet interesting people, felt lots of positive emotions and gained valuable experience.
In our daily life we lack extreme,it is a minus. I am preparing for the next trip!

Ekaterina. Moscow.

Coming back home and unpacking, watching photos, souvenirs you understand that the brightest impressions are inside.
No material thing can compare with emotions during the trip.
From the first day of meeting with team and having long route ahead, amazing stories, topics discussions  you realise you made right choice joining Vandals!
The trip program consisted of two parts: rafting and climbing up Oshten. It is impossible to describe in written those 4 days.
No words can express night rafting, when just rough water is before your eyes, you feel fear, adrenalin, pride for yourself and finally you were rewarded with picnic at fire with hot tea and chatting with friends.
Climbing was the hardest part of the trip.
After 30 min you feel rucksack weight but you go on despite tiredness and hardships, you have nature beauty from the top  ahead. I was most exited by night sky in mountains ,you see not just stars but entire world hidden in city daily life. No camera can take those stars. Just your own eyes. You may burst out crying from such beauty.
No material goods are worth trips. 4 days trip is a small history that united all participants and it will remain inside each of us for ever.

Special thanks for Boris Izhevsky for perfect photos.