Trip to the North Ural and Dyatlov Pass

North Ural, Russia, 30 July – 12 August 2018

We invite you to the expedition to the Djatlov Pass and to the unique natural complex of the Manpupuner Plateau, which is considered to be one of the “wonders of the world”. Powerful rock formations, with a height of 9-storey house, do not look natural at all on an absolutely level grassy plateau. A unique geological monument with the strongest energy. The hard-to-reach, mystical and mysterious place of worship of the Mansi people is hidden in the backwoods of the taiga of the northern Urals, where 7 huge stone pillars majestically rise on an even plateau. To get to them and see with their own eyes this miracle of nature is only capable of trained tourists, because the way to them lies through the ill-fated Diatlov Pass, which keeps one of the biggest mysteries of tourism – the mystery of the death of 9 tourists.

Price: 300 EUR.

Difficulty: High (large pedestrian crossings with heavy backpack, personal items plus food per group).

Tour program:

Day 1 – Collection of Bratislava. We leave by train to the village of Ivdel.

Day 2 – Transfer to the village of Ushma and further to the river Auspiya. Beginning of the trek, 14 km, overnight at the left tributary of the Auspia River.

Day 3 – Pass of Djatlov. From the pass, you can make a radial ascent to the Solat-Syakhla (in the translation from the Mansi “mountain of the dead”). For the night we go down to the headwaters of the stream.

Day 4 – Climb to the highest point of the route – Mount Ootten (1234 meters). Afterward we go to the mountain Janyhkhachehahl (1024 meters). 23 km.

Day 5 – The origins of the Bolshaya Sosva River. 25 km.

Day 6 – We walk along the river Pechora. 23 km.

Day 7 – The Manpupuner Plateau. Radially.

Day 8 – Day trip.

Day 9 – Traverse of the ridge in the opposite south direction. 27 km.

Day 10 – The Silt River. 26 km.

Day 11 – We are moving along the Lozva River. 24 km.

Day 12 – Reserve day.

Day 13 – The River Auspia. A trip to Ivdel. Bathhouse. We leave to Ekaterinburg.

Day 14 – Arrival to Ekaterinburg.

Trip to the North Ural and Dyatlov Pass with VandalsTour

Necessary equipment:
1. Backpack at least 80-110 liters + cloak on the backpack !;
2. Personal sleeping bag with comfort temperature up to – 5 + polyurethane foam mat about 12 mm;
3. The tent is two-layered;
4. Sunscreen, factor 30-50, lipstick hygienic;
5. KLMN (mug, spoon, bowl, knife);
6. Lantern headlong with batteries;
7. Spare batteries kit;
8. Lighter and matches in the hermium;
9. Personal hygienic supplies;
10. Polyethylene bags with handles;
11. Bottle of plastic 1-2 liters or thermos 1 liter;
12. Repellents.

Recommended clothes:
1. Membrane jacket or anorak made of breathable fabric;
2. The jacket is insulated thin;
3. Fleece jacket;
4. T-shirt light 2 pcs. (with long and short handles)
5. Thermal underwear;
6. Pants are upper running (made of breathable fabric) or membrane;
7. Shorts (optional);
8. Multisport socks 2 pairs + woolen;
9. Cap or panama + cap;
10. Gloves;
11. Trekking boots worn out, preferably GTX or good reliable sneakers;
12. Sandals;
13. Rubber boots to the knee;
14. Raincoat.

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