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The spirit of adventures and discoverers

The youth project «VANDALS» is aimed at popularization and development of journeys, adventures, new discoveries and tourism. It is time to get of the habitual comfort zone and rush forward to face unexplored halfway. «VANDALS» choose the most interesting routes and are looking forward from now on to the only thing – your desire to pry yourself away from the routine and get ready to hit the road.

The Vandals was the northeastern European tribe of the Slavic or, according to some reports, of German origin, who performed the secular march at the time of the Migration Period starting from the coasts of the Baltic Sea and up to the Northern Africa, where they founded their own formidable kingdom, which sealed The Great Rome’s fate. This milestone event is considered to be the beginning of the Middle Ages – the transition from the Old World to the New one. One should understand, that it was anything but a simple adventure and test for the fourth century AD – just because of that we called our project «Vandals».

From ancient times all European nations were known for the striving for new tops, lands and continents. Remarkable desire to explore the world expanded the borders of empires, contributed to technological progress and encouraged making heroic deeds, composing legends about outstanding discoverers and conquerors.

However, it was long ago, Europe is different nowadays, it starts looking like decaying Rome, destroyed by Vandals. It remains the greatest adventure for a number of modern Europeans taking vacations to Turkish hotels and drinking beer with sausages there. You are free to choose – to fiddle peacefully during plague or to awake yourself to the sense of the one, who is about to conquer the World.

The greenfield project «VANDALS» will help you visit prominent cultural and historical heritage of powerful Europe, to subdue the alps, primeval forests and rapid rivers, feel closer to nature and in harmony with the pristine world in such a long way from the comfort of civilizations.

Feel yourself as an Argonaut, Viking, Conquistador or Vandal being accompanied by people kindred to you!


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